Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Circuit featured in Imagine

Circuit's win at RIIHFF was covered in this month's edition of Imagine News. Read the full issue online (we're in the WWW section in the back) here, or click the image below to see the article. For the unclickable, here are some highlights:
CIRCUIT, the Boston-based feature film debut for writer/director Andrew Landauro, was awarded Best Picture Honors at the 2009 Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival. The award was announced October 29th.

"Our inclusion in the RIIHFF, along with the Best Picture win, is a true honor and something I will always appreciate," says Landauro ... "The movie making process is so grueling and so stressful that to receive such recognition makes the whole experience so very, very special."

Our thanks go to Imagine News!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Storyboard to Screen: Taste

Long before filming began on Circuit, Andrew drew up images of every shot in the movie. However, these were not your typical storyboards. Instead of turning the movie into a comic book (for lack of a better term) for the crew to use when filming, these images were more blueprints, and involved camera placement (often drawn right into the image), lighting breakdowns, and even specialized equipment needed to achieve the shot.

Here's a small snippet of Andrew's drawings, taken from the "taste" storyline. It revolves around the character Christine. Near the end of her story, she has an emotional breakdown in her bathroom before going to bed:

As you can see, the first panel stays fairly true to its movie counterparts. But the second panel is far different than the movie image that accompanies it, though it still follows the camera movements that Andrew originally drew.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Horror-101.com review of Circuit

Horror-101.com has posted a very nice review of Circuit on their site. Here are a few snippets:
I first watched it on the big screen as part of the Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival. It was nice that the picture closed out the weekend’s festivities, because it left time for me to think it over and try to piece the puzzle together in my mind ... I re-watched the film, this time with a few friends, and it was even better the second time around. Following our viewing, my friends and I formulated our theories on the film’s story and symbolism, gushing about the possibilities of dreams, aliens, drugs, and more. In the days following, I haven’t stopped thing about it.
Those who appreciate the nonlinear, science fiction-tinged works of visionary auteurs such as David Lynch, Richard Kelly, and David Cronenberg will love deconstructing the intellectual mindf**k that is Circuit and formulating their own interpretations of the events.
Read the full review over here. Many thanks to the folks at Horror-101!