Monday, April 21, 2008

Post-production update

Hi everyone,

We have been really bad at updating. That's what editing does. Many apologies . . .

We've burned the movie out to DVD a couple times at this point. Just for us to watch outside the editing booth. It makes a world of difference to sit in the comfort of your own home and watch the project. You see a lot of different things you wouldn't catch in the edit suite. At the moment, we're at roughly the 1 hour, 42 minute mark for the finished film. Much leaner than the 2 hour version we began with. We'll cut it down a bit more, most likely. It's amazing what cutting a single line here and there does to a scene.

We shot a couple of pick-ups for the Douglas "Sight" storyline this past weekend. Nothing too major, just little inserts that we failed to get on our original shoot. We'll probably have another day or two of these as we tighten up the edit.

Still no new trailer. It is coming, we promise. We're waiting on one final FX shot to be finished.

Until next time . . .