Tuesday, November 21, 2006

four down.

we made it through SIGHT!

and made some new friends.

(thank you Mr & Mrs Woodard, Mollie, Pat, the Breakfast Club, the Otherside Café, Ryan, Gene, Edwin, Brian, Mr. Plummer, Julie, Chris A.E., Jackie, Meghanne, Edwin, Nency, Nat, and Steve!)

and saw some old friends.

(that’s you, Mr. Bird, Hillary, Sam, Adam, Brian, Jim, Rob, Rob, Nate, Cory, Jeremy, Seth, Chichi, BCRC, John Anctil, Deborah, the other BR, the Toscanini’s crew, Chekos + Tovah, and last but not least… Anna’s Taqueria, always with the extra guac)

one day + one banned gocco machine = sweet success, at least that’s what we think. somehow we will get around to posting images of these lovely circuit t-shirts that Andrew has made, and maybe you will buy one?

pictmedia is our new cool friend that we can’t get enough of.

a while back, there was a party, and some wine, and some beer, stellar spins from ned and david, and your pretty face, most likely. thanks for coming, and thanks for giving us some money to make a movie. it really meant a lot to us.


credits are cory [pictures], kirkland cleaners mark [gentle dry cycle] and paul [patience and tavern use].

Friday, October 27, 2006

Dance it up... you have the time!

Daylight Savings DANCE PARTY and BENEFIT for CIRCUIT
sunday, october 29
the thirsty ear pub, 305 memorial drive (MIT campus / cross street mass ave) cambridge
doors at 9pm
$12 donation
film clips, music, cash bar

Fairfield Weekly highlights Circuit

Connecticut's Fairfield Weekly highlighted the film this week (just in time for Halloween)!


Circuit Makers

Local filmmakers attempt a Donnie Darko-style indie of thier own

By Mike Falcigno

October 26 2006

Even with all the avenues available to independent filmmakers these days—myriad festivals, the internet, high-tech home studios—the world of indie film is no picnic. Hard work aside, having a solid story at the core of any film project is critical, and Circuit , a film by Greenwich writer-director Andrew Landauro, enters the arena with one leg up on its peers.

Circuit , which is now being filmed in Boston, is best described as intellectual science fiction. Told through five separate storylines, each linked to a different human sense, the seemingly unconnected narratives slowly unfold amid a stream of mysterious events to reveal a common, underlying thread. The film tackles themes of drug abuse, anorexia, fear of commitment, and disease, metaphorically, through the use of an “alien pod epidemic” plot device.

But a special-effects-laden alien invasion isn’t in the cards; Circuit centers on the idea of life, rather than the tangible physicality of life itself. The film aims to challenge viewers’ perceptions through character development and mood by presenting everyday situations through a cinematically skewed perspective.

The trailer consists of elegantly composed interior and exterior shots neatly intercut with abstract title cards posing enigmatic questions such as “Where do I belong?” and “When will things change?” The quality of the images and polish of the trailers’ presentation belies Circuit ’s humble budget.

And if the film’s premise is intriguing, so too are the motives of the man behind the camera, Andrew Landauro. He’s an interesting guy who’s genuinely enthusiastic about art, music and filmmaking. Having previously directed 15 short films, Circuit is a project he’s been cultivating for the better part of five years.

He hopes the eventual finished product will play out as a diverse cinematic experience, intermittently funny, dramatic, and thought-provoking, but ultimately a film requiring multiple viewings that demands of audiences that they deconstruct the film and accept the challenge of piecing together each part of the puzzle.

Shelton native Becky Robbins is one of the film’s producers, and explains the integral role volunteers have played in the success of Circuit ’s production. Robbins cites the Circuit team’s dedication to the project as another factor in the success of the production, adding that the crew has gone beyond the call, often pulling double duties to keep things on schedule and on budget. Ben Woodard, for instance, co-wrote the script with Landauro and is also Circuit ’s film editor.

Production began earlier this year and will wrap up once the remaining two (of five) story segments have been shot. Viewers who enjoyed the cerebral oddity Donnie Darko , the independent time-travel tale Primer or the bizarre works of David Cronenberg (Videodrome ) should keep their eyes peeled for an expected spring 2007 release.


Check www.whatiscircuit.com and www.centralproductions.org for more information
Copyright © 2006, Fairfield County Weekly

on set pics & production stills (touch & taste)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Volunteer Production Assistant Positions!

Circuit is about to begin filming the 4th storyline, SIGHT, and we're seeking great candidates for the following volunteer Production Position:


Seeking Production Assistant for independent feature film, Circuit.

About Circuit: Circuit is a sci-fi/comedy/drama independent feature currently in the production phase and filming in the Boston and Western Massachusetts areas. Please see www.whatiscircuit.com and www.centralproductions.org for more information.

Responsibilities: Responsible for various odd jobs, including a wide variety of tasks such as running errands, stopping traffic, acting as couriers, gathering props, picking up meals, setting up craft service.

Requirements: Must have a car, the ability to travel back and forth from Boston to Western MA for production, and the ability to navigate your car with a map. Previous Production Assistant experience is not a requirement—most important is your ability to be resourceful, sense of humor, flexibility, a great attitude, and willingness to pitch in! MUST be available for the following dates: Sat - Mon Nov 4-6 and Sat & Sun Nov 11 & 12. Must be local to the Boston area or have ability to travel / stay in Boston for rehearsals and filming.

More about the position. This is an unpaid, volunteer position. Perks include working with a talented and fun crew, opportunities to participate in ongoing community fundraising events and parties. Meals fully covered.

How to apply: Please send a letter of interest and resume to circuitcrew@gmail.com and please be sure to subject your email with “Production Assistant”.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Filming Dates Set | Casting Call in August!

Some great NEW Circuit news!



With a successful wrap on "Smell" over the Memorial Day weekend, Andrew, Hillary and Crew are gearing up to shoot "Taste" and "Touch" over a two-week period in September.


CIRCUIT. Central Productions (www.centralproductions.org) is casting Circuit, a sci-fi/comedy/drama feature film. Circuit is essentially five interweaving short stories, each based on a human sense (www.whatiscircuit.com).

REQUIREMENTS. Must be available for the following dates-- Rehearsal Dates: Aug 2006, Dates TBD; Shooting Dates: September 2006, Dates TBD.

SUPPORTING ROLES. MOM: White female, late 40s-60s; GUS: 35-65 year old male, preferably overweight, balding; CELLPHONE WOMAN: 21-40 year-old woman.

MINOR ROLES. Singing Man, Waitress, Bickering Old Couple, Young, 20-Something Female, Overweight Passerby, Young Female Passerby (age 11-14) .

AUDITION INFORMATION. Location: First Church in Cambridge, Congregational, 11 Garden Street, Cambridge, MA 02138 (www.firstchurchcambridge.org). Date: Saturday, August 12, 2006. Time: 10:00am-1:00pm.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION/REQUIREMENTS. Auditions will be held in an open-call format. Actors must prepare a two-minute monologue from any genre or any source to perform at auditions. Actors may email casting director with any questions at circuitmovie@yahoo.com.

Monday, May 01, 2006

open casting call in NYC

We're heading down to New York on May 13th in search of Kate!

Here's the Craigslist NYC posting:

Central Productions (www.centralproductions.org) is casting Circuit, a sci-fi/comedy/drama feature film. Circuit is essentially five interweaving short stories, each based on a human sense. Andrew Landauro, Director/Writer. Ben Woodard, Writer. Becky Robbins, Jane-Sarah MacFarlane, Producers. Hillary Spera, Cinematographer. Approximate Rehearsal Dates: May - Aug 2006, Dates TBD; Approximate Shooting Dates: Jun - Aug 2006, Dates TBD.

Seeking- Kate: Hispanic, Black, Middle Eastern or Indian Female, Early to Mid Twenties. Sweet, playful, sexy and smart; dealing with her boyfriend's issues of commitment, partial nudity required, Lead.

Auditions will be held Sat. May 13, 1-4 p.m. at Chelsea Studios, 151 West 26th Street, New York, NY (www.chelseastudios.org). Bring a two-minute monologue from any genre or any source; prepare to cold read. Moderate compensation, non-union.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Welcome to Circuit

Hi everyone. Welcome to the blog for our film "Circuit." Over the next week or two we should be launching our website to give people an idea as to what we're up to. We shot a fifteen minute section of our film the past February and are waiting to hear about grant money before we move forward some more.