Tuesday, November 21, 2006

four down.

we made it through SIGHT!

and made some new friends.

(thank you Mr & Mrs Woodard, Mollie, Pat, the Breakfast Club, the Otherside Café, Ryan, Gene, Edwin, Brian, Mr. Plummer, Julie, Chris A.E., Jackie, Meghanne, Edwin, Nency, Nat, and Steve!)

and saw some old friends.

(that’s you, Mr. Bird, Hillary, Sam, Adam, Brian, Jim, Rob, Rob, Nate, Cory, Jeremy, Seth, Chichi, BCRC, John Anctil, Deborah, the other BR, the Toscanini’s crew, Chekos + Tovah, and last but not least… Anna’s Taqueria, always with the extra guac)

one day + one banned gocco machine = sweet success, at least that’s what we think. somehow we will get around to posting images of these lovely circuit t-shirts that Andrew has made, and maybe you will buy one?

pictmedia is our new cool friend that we can’t get enough of.

a while back, there was a party, and some wine, and some beer, stellar spins from ned and david, and your pretty face, most likely. thanks for coming, and thanks for giving us some money to make a movie. it really meant a lot to us.


credits are cory [pictures], kirkland cleaners mark [gentle dry cycle] and paul [patience and tavern use].